Portobello Avocado Burgers

Here is something new and exciting to try out during your summer bbq, not only is it a refreshing change from the usual beef burger with ketchup, it is healthier and lighter so it won't give you that bloated uncomfortable feeling.
(Note: If you still want that bloated, uncomfortable feeling, try eating two.)

Oh yeah, and I don't have a grill, so I have used a grill-pan. If you would like to buy me a grill, I will dedicate a new summer grill recipe in your name. Promise. 

For each burger, you will need:
  • One Portobello Mushroom*
  • Half an avocado
  • Two strips of bacon (totally optional)
  • A slice of your favorite cheese
  • Pickles/Gherkins to taste
  • Oh yeah, buns.

I start off by grilling the bacon. I like bacon, you don't have to. I personally think it adds a nice, salty and crisp texture to the burger. But, if you don't want to use bacon, you can substitute it with a grilled onion or fried onion rings. If my bacon looks strange, it is because it is British bacon, if you can get your hands on some good American bacon, I highly recommend that.

While that bacon crisps up, slice up your avocado. I left the skin on just for easy handling, I will naturally be removing it later.

In the same grill-pan, I'm going to now grill my portobellos (I'm making two burgers). Grill each side for about five minutes, and if you previously grilled your bacon in this pan, add some of the bacon grease and leftover bits on the 'shroom.

About five minutes, then flip.

If you want cheese on your burger, add it just at the end, so it starts to melt but doesn't become a sticky, slimy mess. 

We are now ready to assemble the burgers.

About assembling and layering a burger or sandwich:

Now, I think the specific layering is important as it can affect the taste and messiness that ensues from biting into a burger. In fact, I often notice that the different between a good burger place and a great burger place is the attention they pay to layering burgers, especially when they have a lot of various ingredients. 

For instance, I place the bacon on the bottom, rather than the more common approach of putting it on top. The reason is that the bacon is generally the crispiest or firmest thing on a burger. And if it is at the top of a burger, then when you bite down on that bacon you will be putting a lot of pressure on the softer elements below the bacon. This creates a squishy mess. However, the bacon at the bottom means it is the last thing your teeth sink into, your top teeth have already gone through the softer stuff on top, and your bottom teeth have separated the bottom half of the bun. 

The next bit is the portobello. Whether you had cheese on it or not, you can add another layer now.

Next, some pickles!

And the sliced avocado.

Finally, topped with the other half of the bun, its ready! You'll notice I didn't even use any type of sauce; I think there are enough flavours here that you don't need an additional sauce.

I served it with some healthy, sun-cooked chips (or crisps if you like).

*Tip: Don't throw away your portobello mushrooms, refer to our "Let's not waste anything!" page, and check out few ideas on how to use your portobello mushrooms.

As with all the other recipes we put on this site, this is meant to be easy to follow. We are hobby chefs who love to cook, and we are always up for learning new techniques. If you know of anything in this recipe which can be done a different way, whether for increased ease of preparation or better taste, please add a comment below!

Whipped up by Shyamal Addanki

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