Reims - FRANCE

Reims is located in the heart of the Champagne region of France. It is well-known for the Champagne wineries.

The last time we ate at these restaurants was between August and October 2012, but every time I visit my family in the Champagne area, I always go eat at Le Grand Café.

Le Grand Café

Le Grand Café is located in the center of Reims on place d'Erlon. It has been open for a long time and they were able to stay consistent in the quality of the food they serve and their staff is always polite and friendly, despite their constant rush of hungry diners.

I often order Moules-Frites, and depending on my mood, I ordered a different sauce every time. This is where Shyamal discovered and tasted his first moules-frites. They offer something like 20 different sauces for their moules-frites, from white-wine sauces to lardon-filled carbonara sauces. The fries are quite good too.

Another excellent selection at Le Grand Café is their Salmon Tartare. This raw-salmon based dish is not very common to come across, but it is extremely fresh and it gives you a melt-in-the-mouth sensation.

Also recommended: The Choucroute de la mer, a melange of shellfish with sauerkraut. 

Even though they are open non-stop from 11:30 AM to midnight, they are often full ... but don't hesitate to wait for a table because it's worth it.

The decor inside is old French typical and beautiful (check out the rotunda inside). You can also eat outside when weather permitting.

Les 3 Brasseurs

There are currently two locations of Les 3 Brasseurs in Reims: one downtown at place d'Erlon, and one located about 7 kilometers west outside of Reims (ZAC Thillois).

Les 3 Brasseurs brew their own beers: a blanche, a blonde, an amber, a brunette, and a brew of the moment. They have a varied menu, and during a visit with Shyamal and my Dad, we had a chance to try three different dishes, which were all very good.

We tried both locations in Reims and we were happy with their consistency.

The first time, at the downtown location, Shyamal and I both had burgers, and my dad had a regional dish they offered called "Gourmet 3 Brasseurs" which included a medley of their specialities. The dessert we tried was the Creole sweet version of Flammekueche, and it was good, but we would recommend to share it because it is quite big.

The second time, at the other location, we both had burgers (again) and my dad had the same "Gourmet 3 Brasseurs". The only difference is that my burger was different a different one, I had "Le Country" this time around, and it was really good, but it's size made it very inconvenient to eat.

The "Le Country" Burger:

The "Moutarde a l'ancienne" (Old-fashioned mustard) Burger:

The "Gourmet 3 Brasseurs":

Reviewed by Charline Leblond and Shyamal Addanki

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