Sidmouth - UK

Nice little town located on the UK Jurassic Coast, Sidmouth is quite charming.

We visited this town and had dinner there in July 2012.

The Anchor Inn

The pub menu is more or less the same as any other pub in the UK, but the difference is that the food here was good.

We were three eating here: the two of us, and my eight years old cousin who is also a foodie and a good cook*.

The menu at the time offered four different types of Fish and Chips: the Cod Fillet, the Haddock Fillet, the Plaice Fillet, and the Whole Tail Scampi. My eight years old cousin tried the Cod Fillet and because it was good and the portion was quite big (served with chipped potatoes, garden peas, and fresh salad), it was enough to satisfy our appetite. The only thing she wasn't fond of were the garden peas, because it tasted, and was, a bit weird. As she stated: "they are big and flashy green, it's weird!" which, in her defence, is the same in every UK pub ... I guess that's one of those weird British foods.

It was her first Fish and Chips and she was really pleased with the discovery, we even got the honor of a "it delicious! (in English ... oh yeah, I forgot to mention that she's French), and she also became very fond of coleslaw.

I had the Traditional Cottage Pie: the beef was good and perfectly cooked and the stew was excellent. The only down side was that it wasn't really a pie, they served it to you on two separated butter puff pastries, which was good - don't get me wrong - but not the traditional pie I expected.

Shyamal had The Anchor Burger with a 1/2 pound of beef burger, served with smoked bacon, melted cheese, sliced tomato and lettuce, and accompanied by homemade coleslaw and chipped potatoes. The burger was excellent, the beef was tender and overall the burger was juicy and extremely satisfying.

We all tried each other's dish and agreed that everything was good.

The staff was very friendly and even thought the pub was crowded, the service was fast and good.

For a relative touristy area, and compared to the other pubs in the neighbourhood, the prices were very decent. The burger was 9.25 GBP, the Fish and Chips was 8.95 GBP and the pie was 9.75.

*Note: Just as a side note that has nothing to do with the recommended places, but more with the cooking part of our blog, my eight years old cousin tried few of our recipes and made, by herself (aside from managing the oven) the vanilla creams, the quiche, the carrot cake, the yoghurt and chocolate cake, the chocolate mousse amongst some other recipes she creates.

Reviewed by Charline Leblond and Shyamal Addanki

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