The verrine is a new trendy food that is almost impossible to miss if you visit France these days.
You might be served a verrine in a three-star restaurant, buy few for dessert with your bread at the bakery, discover them at a friend's house, or make them yourself if you dine alone or even have ten friends over.

Verrines can be served as appetizers, starters, desserts, or even as an in-between dish during a large meal.

Typically, verrines are:
   • Layered: layers of contrasting tastes*, textures, and colors,
   • Served in clear glasses, so you can appreciate the layering,
   • Served a small portions in small glasses or big appetizer spoons,
   • Served cold or at room temperature, which make them ideal for preparing ahead.

The contrasting flavours are a matter of taste: layers of similar tastes are also delicious.
Try to be careful with the layers, as you don't want one layer to overpower another (so be careful with, for example, spice, saltiness, and richness).

Verrines can either be savory or sweet, and even though French Chefs have been very imaginative in creating fancy verrines, you can keep the preparation simple and still have a very delicious verrine.

Here are a few pictures of containers you can use for your verrines' ideas:
Martini glasses are also a great idea to present your verrines:
Shot glasses work too:
Wine glasses can also do the trick:
And even Champagne flutes:
As it is a new trendy wave, you can imagine how the market for the verrines' containers skyrocketed too, you can now buy from a simple tasting glass to some fancy tasting glass to present your verrines: 

Take a look our delicious and refreshing verrine recipes: Cucumber, Mint and Cream Cheese Verrine,  or Goat Cheese & Apple (With Smoked Duck Fillet) Verrine, that you can serve either as an appetizer or as a starter.

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